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   I was in contact with fellow SPF owner Brian aka "Sundude" on the various cobra forums. He knew I was looking for an SPF so he was helping me to find one. He emailed me an ad one day that was on Auto Trader Classics it was a beautiful Titanium Silver, Black Stripe SPF. The pictures in the ad were stunning to say the least. It was a very short ad with 4 pictures in the ad. The first "red flag" was the selling price, it was advertised for approximately 50% of market value, the second "red flag" was that if I did fly out to Alberta he would have to meet me in a parking lot to view the car.... READ MORE
Fred is the proud new owner of a SPF GT40 MKI. He came to a car show last March and looked at and sat in a GT40. He then bought his right on the spot!
  Here is Frankie with his new Superformance MKIII powered by a Southern Automotive "FE".
Here are some photos of Fran's GT40R build.
  A customer in Missouri with special order Ferrari Rosso Corsa red paint.

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