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SPF 1950 Superformance MKIII

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I was in contact with fellow SPF owner Brian aka "Sundude" on the various cobra forums. He knew I was looking for an SPF so he was helping me to find one. He emailed me an ad one day that was on Auto Trader Classics it was a beautiful Titanium Silver, Black Stripe SPF. The pictures in the ad were stunning to say the least. It was a very short ad with 4 pictures in the ad. The first "red flag" was the selling price, it was advertised for approximately 50% of market value, the second "red flag" was that if I did fly out to Alberta he would have to meet me in a parking lot to view the car. I fired off an email regardless asking the usual questions etc. My reply took several days and it was very vague as it appeared that he did not know the answers to my questions, which was very odd to me. I would send an email wait 4-5 days for a response, send another email and wait 4-5 days for a response. So after several emails and a couple of weeks I finally said if you don't come clean with me I'm walking away.

I anxiously awaited his reponse. It came 4-5 days later and he explained to me he was selling it for his dad who is a very high profile public person in Alberta and that he cherishes his privacy and he wants to "pare" down his fleet of muscle cars that's why he's selling it. He also said his father knows it's under market value, he just wants to sell it quickly. I thought hmmmmm maybe this is legitimate so I googled his father's name and sure enough there he is, an owner of a very high profile internet company in Alberta. I continue looking on the google page and there is his father's name down the page and I click on it. As it turns out his father was the owner of the Calgary Stampeders (you might not be aware but this is a footbal team in the CFL)

So now it all starts to make sense to me. I made the arrangements, flew out to Calgary, met his son in an airport hangar, saw the car, drove the car and made the deal with his father's accountant. I called the transport company to come and pick up my new prize!!! When I look back on it now I think how lucky I was to have everything work out. Two long agonizing weeks after making that phone call to the transport company my SPF was at the bottom of my driveway!! It arrived 2 days after my birthday, it doesn't get any better than that!!



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